Adhesive Instructions for Self-Adhesive Window Film Environmental Sticker France & Germany

Do you temporarily not need the environmental sticker or do you think the window sticker does not look very nice on the window? Then, using this self-adhesive film, you can easily remove the environmental stickers from the window and stick them back on again at a later time for the next trip to France and/or Germany. That is why the films we supply are statically adhesive on both sides and do not leave any adhesive residue on the window. Also useful in case you experience window damage.


  1. Remove the environmental sticker from the foil.
  2. Stick the environmental sticker onto the foil (both sides possible).
  3. Press it firmly to remove the air under the environmental sticker.
  4. Lightly dampen the area where you want to stick the environmental sticker.
  5. Stick the self-adhesive foil with the environmental sticker on the front window together.

Our window films are infinitely restickable and ensure that the purchase of environmental stickers, really remains a one-off!

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